Do you accept card payments?

We certainly do! We have the ability to take card (Visa/Mastercard) payments via chip & pin or contactless. We can even support  Pay.

Due to the nature of the business and some of the remote locations we operate in, there might be limitations to WIFI, therefore card payments may not be possible. We can discuss locations prior to the event, in order to keep this situation to a minimum. And remember - we can take cash anywhere!

What happens if we don’t meet the minimum spend?

People love a drink don’t they, so this is very rarely the case. We will however allow you to understand throughout your event, where your current spend is and when you reach the agreed minimum amount. You will probably know your guests very well and have a good idea of what their spend at the bar might be. We would recommend multiplying the number of guests by their average spend to give you a good idea as to what your spend might be. Should the agreed minimum spend not be met by the end of the event, it is the responsibility of the hirer to make up the difference after the event has taken place.

I want a specific drink serving at my event, is this possible?

Quaff Box has been designed to cater for many different events. We are proud to be able to offer you a vast range of cocktails on tap, something that no-one else can currently offer in the North East. These cocktails are lovingly infused prior to being placed in a keg, so a minimum of 4 weeks is required for certain ones. However, our offering doesn’t stop there and we would love to sit down with you and discuss your event. Try us, challenge us, we thrive on getting to the yes for you! We are however very realistic and at times, will be honest if we don’t think the delivery of a request is achievable.

Which areas do you cover?

We have chosen a bar on wheels for a reason! Hook her up and away we go. Of course there’s limits, height restrictions at times and space may be an issue, but let’s have a chat.
We operate out of Newcastle Upon Tyne and will travel up to a 50-mile radius, free of charge from NE1. Outside of this radius we will charge 40p per mile thereafter. If a location requires us to stay over for the evening, then accommodation would be chargeable.

Can you provide welcome drinks and drinks for the toasts?

Absolutely, we would love to. From bottles of beer, to glasses of Champagne, we can pretty much come up trumps! During your initial consultation we can discuss these requirements with you. Pre payment for a certain amount of drinks can be organised too, allowing you not to have to worry about this on the day of your event.

Can you provide food in addition to drinks?

We don’t publish the fact that we do, but we can. With the extensive experience we have gathered over the years comes an amazing amount of very talented people we have met. Allow us to work with you and deliver a food offering on par with what we can offer drinks wise. 

We don’t need a horse box, we just want a draught option, What’s our options?

We get you! Not everyone needs the full shebang. We have another option, which is far smaller, far cuter and maybe just what you need. Call us!

Can you stay with us overnight?


Dirty stop out! But yes, we’re game! Hire the Box and keep her for the night. We understand the best parties go on till the early hours. She needs looking after, tucked in and a full cooked breakfast in the morning though and upon collection we’ll return the small damage deposit we took for the privilege. We don’t let her stay with anyone mind!