Quaff: To drink a beverage, especially an intoxicating one, copiously and with hearty enjoyment.

One fine day, a few years ago, we consumed a drink with hearty enjoyment right in the heart of London – an infused cocktail, served as a premium handcrafted drink, on tap! 

Fascinated that the quality and flavour you get from trained mixologists could be created and poured directly from a tap, with the additional ability to serve each cocktail in under 10 seconds, it was clear to see that the creators of this product were experts. This then allowed the discerning drinkers and party-goers to be kept merry without any waiting around! 

And so, without any hesitation, Quaff Box decided to tap them up and serve them to you!

This amazing concept has been brought to the North of England and is served out of nothing less than a converted Rice Beaufort Horse Box. 

What was once a dilapidated trailer has been lovingly transformed into a luxury, timeless, sophisticated mobile bar, perfect for any event or occasion.  

"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it quaff!”